Research finds Queenslanders are bad at estimating their level of intoxication

Queenslanders are incapable of assessing their own intoxication levels, especially when their blood alcohol level is high, according to research co-led by The University of Queensland.

1 December 2022
Three hands are holding different alcoholic drinks in a cheers gesture.

Debunking autism myths rewarded with national prize

A University of Queensland PhD student has been awarded a national prize for debunking a common myth about children with autism.

30 November 2022
a woman stands at a lectern with banners behind her
Koala sitting in the fork of a gum tree. Image, Bev Millican

University of Queensland virologists are a step closer to understanding a mysterious AIDS-like virus that is impacting koala populations differently across state lines.

30 November 2022

A University of Queensland research team has been awarded $5 million from the National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) to help reduce smoking in Australia.

29 November 2022
A man in a tie, white shirt and blue jacket smiles. He is outdoors with a building and tree in the background.

UQ's Associate Professor Marc Ruitenberg is set expand his research into finding new treatments for spinal cord injury after being awarded a 2022 Churchill Fellowship.

29 November 2022

The Australian Research Council (ARC) has announced $25 million funding for 51 University of Queensland research teams to support a diverse range of fundamental research projects.

28 November 2022
A woman in a black top and brown hair pulled back smiles broadly at the camera with a brick laneway out of focus in the background.

University of Queensland School of Architecture lecturer Dr Liz Brogden has been awarded a 2022 Churchill Fellowship to further her work pioneering climate action in the profession.

28 November 2022

When Associate Professor Rebecca Dunlop left Belfast, Northern Ireland, in 2003 for Brisbane, the move was meant to be temporary – and testing the hearing of humpback whales wasn’t part of the plan for the physiology graduate either.

26 November 2022

The Australian Academy of Humanities have elected three new Fellows, one Honorary Fellow and two Council Members from The University of Queensland.

25 November 2022
Five scientists wearing UQ-branded lab coats in a laboratory. They are lined up in a row and smiling.

The University of Queensland is set to take a second-generation molecular clamp vaccine to a proof-of-concept human trial.

25 November 2022
A line of people in suits sitting in chairs holding pieces of paper

People from minority groups who speak with ‘non-standard’ accents face discrimination in job interviews, researchers from The University of Queensland have found.

24 November 2022

Two University of Queensland alumni are heading to prestigious overseas institutions in 2023 to further their respective studies in quantum physics and applied mathematics.

23 November 2022
Aerial view of the rooves of houses in floodwater

Researchers at The University of Queensland have used satellites with radar imaging sensors to see through clouds and map flooding and say the technique could provide faster, more detailed information to keep communities safe.

23 November 2022